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Alcohol Detox Facilities Near Me

Alcohol Detox Facilities Near Me

Ranked as one of the pioneer alcohol detox facilities near me, Altitude Recovery Community is a pioneer rehab for substance abuse and alcohol addiction disorder with experienced physicians, behavioral therapists, and RNs. We offer well-rounded medical care to create a safe space for our clients to focus on healing and recovery.

What Kind Of Food Is Available To Inpatient Rehab Patients?

We have a very talented culinary team who plan the daily meals of our guests daily. Our chefs create customized meals to cater to the caloric needs and accomodating the dietary restrictions of each patient. We get our ingredients from local farms and vendors and serve delectable and well-balanced meals to our clients.

How Do You Protect The Privacy Of Rehab Patients? 

As a leading luxury drug rehabilitation center, we maintain utmost confidentiality about the identity of our patients and their health information. Our clients can have our staff members sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure their privacy and protect their identity. Our facility's secluded location provides our clients more privacy than another rehab center.

What Is Different About The Services Offered At A Luxury Rehab?

Luxury rehab centers provide high-quality treatment in an upscale facility and ensure a comfortable healing experience for guests. These are resort-style luxury addiction treatment centers with curated personal therapy options for individuals battling substance use disorders (SUD). Our commitment to go beyond our exclusive guests' needs is evident in the quality of services and amenities we provide.

What Luxury Amenities Do You Offer?

We offer a broad range of deluxe amenities at our luxury alcohol and drug addiction center. Our guests have instant access to a list of premier accommodations upon arrival at our facility. The option to stay in a facility with superior lodging amenities allows our guests to recover in a safe and supporting setting. Some of the amenities available at our facility include:

  1. Private rooms
  2. Animal-assisted therapy
  3. Swimming
  4. Fitness programs
  5. A fully equipped gym
  6. Nutritional counseling
  7. Maid services
  8. Around-the-clock security
  9. Beach or mountain views
  10. Access to electronics during treatment

We aim to help our rehab guests feel pampered and at home during their stay with us. Our ability to offer a combination of premium amenities and science-based treatment methods helps us maintain a high recovery and retention rate.

Why Should I Go To Your Luxury Rehab?

Attending our contemporary drug abuse treatment in an upscale facility with lush scenery and 5-star service can make your stay feel like you are on vacation. You will have access to a long list of deluxe amenities and will receive the best quality of care from our friendly and dedicated clinical staff. More importantly, your chances of relapsing are low when you sign up for treatment at our modern drug and alcohol recovery center.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate For Luxury Rehab?

You are an ideal candidate for luxury rehab if you prefer an upscale healing experience and look for confidentiality, 24/7 professional assistance, and high-end rehab services. 

Do not waste any more valuable time searching for alcohol detox facilities near me on the internet. Altitude Recovery Community can help you beat addiction safely and sustainably and prepare you for a fulfilling and sober life. Call 866-337-0621 to verify your insurance with us.

Alcohol Detox Facilities Near Me
Altitude Recovery Community
Alcohol Detox Facilities Near Me
1708 Via Aracena
Camarillo CA 93010

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