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Article provided by: The BodyFix

Chiropractor South Carolina

Chiropractor South Carolina

Dr. Mario Tolj at The BodyFix is a top-rated chiropractor in South Carolina, with his areas of specialization including chiropractic care, sports medicine, and active release technique (ART). We continue to offer outstanding chiropractic care to South Carolina residents by using PPE, following the guidelines issued by CDC for healthcare practitioners, and sending a COVID questionnaire to all new patients before their appointment.

What can I expect in chiropractic treatment for back pain?

If you prepare for your first appointment with a chiropractor for back pain, you can expect the expert to review your medical history. Your chiropractor will perform a physical examination, use lab tests, and other diagnostic imaging to make a diagnosis and create an appropriate treatment plan to address your back pain.

Typically, the treatment plan may encompass manual adjustments, with your doctor manipulating the joints through controlled pressure. Your chiropractor will then attempt to improve your range of motion and flexibility. Besides, your chiropractor may recommend a nutritional or diet program for you to follow. Another important component of the treatment plan will be an exercise/rehabilitation regime, which you may have to practice at home to garner the best treatment outcome. Our chiropractor in South Carolina specializes in offering effective pain relief, restoring function, and preventing injury in patients suffering from backaches.

Benefits and risks of chiropractic care

Chiropractic care is generally considered safe and it's one of the most effective treatments for various pain conditions. Several research types show that chiropractic care can help treat neck pain, headaches, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia.

Remember to get your chiropractic adjustment from a trained and licensed practitioner to avoid complications. In rare cases, patients may suffer from worsening of an existing herniated disk, cauda equina syndrome, or a certain type of stroke after a neck manipulation session. However, there have been very few cases of reported complications as a result of chiropractic care.

Goals of chiropractic care

Your chiropractor may establish short-term and long-term goals based on your unique medical condition. Typically, your short-term goals will be to reduce pain, restore normal joint function and muscle balance. On the other hand, your long-term goals will help you attain functional independence and enable you to participate in daily living activities.

To help you attain these goals, your chiropractor may recommend a specific number of visits. Their number and frequency depend on your diagnosed condition, recovery goals, and a variety of other factors.

Length of a chiropractic treatment plan

We recommend up to 3 chiropractic visits per week for a minimum of 4 weeks for sustainable pain relief for lower back pain. Depending on your pain condition and recovery goals, we may increase or decrease the number of chiropractic adjustments necessary.

We may also recommend a maintenance program to advise patients to regularly engage in exercises and visit our chiropractor for occasional spinal manipulations. Schedule an appointment with our chiropractor in South Carolina by reaching us at (843) 981-4500. The BodyFix is a leading chiropractic clinic with advanced treatments and therapies at affordable prices. Get over your chronic pain using our non-invasive treatment approach today!

Chiropractor South Carolina
The BodyFix
+1 843-981-4500
Chiropractor South Carolina
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Mount Pleasant SC 29464

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