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Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics

Foot pain when walking, running, or standing can be a sign of an underlying medical condition. My Health specializes in designing custom orthotics in Mississauga. Our Streetsville functional foot health clinic can perform comprehensive assessments to evaluate any foot problem and recommend a personalized treatment solution.

Custom shoe orthotics for chronic foot problems

Podiatrists often prescribe custom biomechanical shoes or insoles for a variety of foot-related issues. Most patients who need shoe orthotics experience localized pain in the hips, forefoot, heel/arch, big toe, knee, or lower back. Although these cases are prevalent in the orthotic care circuit, these biomechanical foot support instruments may help other conditions. Shoe orthotics may help alleviate the symptoms of plantar fasciitis, Achilles/ shin pain, heel spurs, bunions, and so forth.

For us to determine if it will be an appropriate treatment approach, our team must perform a comprehensive exam. We are an authority on foot health and anatomy, coordinating the best treatment plan for our clients. Our deep learning strategy allows us to identify the specific source of the symptoms and develop a customized therapeutic solution.

Do custom shoe orthotics work?

Our foot health experts consider several factors when measuring the efficacy of custom orthotics as a pain management tool. Using this appliance to prevent and treat mechanically-induced foot pain is a complex science. Prefabricated orthotics are the least productive as a standalone treatment. Knowing this, we incorporate it as a component of an integrative treatment solution. Our foot health specialists often compound this system with physical or massage therapy.

Treatment outcomes:

  • Improved balance/coordination
  • Shock absorption
  • Reduced physical pressure on ankles/ feet
  • Prevents injury
  • Enhance athletic ability

New custom shoe orthotics

Patients generally experience mild to moderate aches in the legs or feet for a few weeks following installation. Of course, this is temporary and should subside over time. However, we encourage our clients to bring any inconsistent symptoms to our attention.

In most cases, the body adjusts to the new environment within a few weeks. If not, we can schedule an appointment for followup treatment. Sometimes, a foot health practitioner will make minor modifications to enhance comfort. Running, walking, and standing puts pressure on the soles of the feet. Our smart orthotics reduce the risks of abnormal compression in the hip joint, spine, and legs when physically active.


  • Correct improper foot rotation - Our job is to recognize and correct these biomechanical irregularities and help patients improve foot health.
  • Release pressure points - If ignored, this may cause long-term foot health problems. In some instances, it causes the padded ball area of the foot to collapse.
  • Repair muscle strain - Shoe orthotics can trigger anti-inflammatory healing effects that aid in muscle tissue regeneration.

My Health offers a wide range of functional health solutions, including musculoskeletal adjustment, occupational/sports injury therapy, and auto accident rehabilitation. Our methods include custom orthotics, laser therapy, cryotherapy, pelvic floor treatment, and lymphatic drainage. Also, we exploit various alternative therapeutic modalities as part of our integrative clinical approach. Want to know more? Try our convenient telehealth booking solutions or call phone support at (905) 271 - 9333/ (905) 953 - 5000.

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Custom Orthotics

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