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Dental Cassettes

Dental Cassettes

Dentists know the need for sterilized instruments when working on patients. You own high quality dental instruments but you need to make sure that you have an efficient way to store and organize them. Dental cassettes are available in a number of different designs to allow you to keep your instruments safe, clean and ready for use.

Types of Dental Cassettes

There are two main types of cassettes available for use including detachable and hinged. The choice is mainly one of personal preference. Hinged storage allows for more instruments in one location and you simply open the cassette up to find another batch of tools.

Detachable cassettes open up and also come apart. They offer a more versatile solution for storing and organizing your dental instruments. They may be easier to work with if you have a need for fewer instruments at one time. However, the choice is mainly up to you and your team. Both perform the same overall function of organizing and storing dental instruments in a safe manner.

Benefits of Using Dental Cassettes

There are many benefits of using dental cassettes in your office. One of the most important advantages is that they can increase efficiency. You will have easy access to your instruments when you need them.

Dental cassettes can be organized in any way that makes it easier for your work. You can use color coded cassettes per user or procedure set-up. All of the instruments that you need for any specific procedure can be ready and waiting so there is no need to keep patients waiting while you or your assistants make preparations.

Best of all, your instruments will be kept sterile with minimal need for handling. They are ready to use when needed so they will not be misplaced. Using cassettes also increases the lifespan of instruments by taking good care of them.

Patients often prefer seeing you utilize a cassette rather than having open instruments sitting on a counter. Cassettes give clients a safe feeling that the tools you are using are sterilized and safe for use. Using a cassette organization system is also a good way to reduce the time spent on procedures since the instruments you need are already organized for the particular procedure you are performing.

You can customize your cassettes using silicone rails and compression. This will help protect your instruments and keep them organized while in the cassettes. The silicone accessories hold the instruments in place and are available in a variety of colors. Different colors allow you to color code your instrument organization for your specific needs. Together, you and your team can decide how best to utilize cassettes and silicone rails. In addition, you may also want to use color coding instrument rings to keep your instruments better organized.

Cassettes and silicone color coding items are an affordable way to protect and organize your dental instruments. Choose from a variety of options based on your specific needs. Visit our website to learn more about cassettes and to place an order today.

Dental Cassettes

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